Exposure playlist

The songs from the book, and the pick of Kitty’s favourites.

  1. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift 

All through writing Exposure I had an image in my head of Kitty, then one day I stumbled across a picture of Taylor Swift and thought ‘That’s her!’ She looks exactly as I had imagined Kitty. (Yes, incredible that I’d never seen a picture of Taylor Swift before this. What can I say? I live under a stone.)

2. Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles

I like to think of Kitty careening down the M23, standing up in a sports car, hair blowing out behind her, singing along.

There, in one song, the happiest, most carefree moment of my life. Probably lasted no more than a few minutes. Maybe five.

3. Rapture – iiO

This classic trance anthem seemed to encapsulate the point where Kitty begins to fall for Joe at the Brighton nightclub. The singer, Nadia Ali, would have made a perfect Esme, with her gravelly voice and raw, abandoned sexiness.

We danced for hours. We danced for weeks and months and years. We danced until I was so lost in the music I didn’t know if I was dancing or dreaming, or suspended somewhere in between.

4. Angel – Akon

This one’s for Nelson – I like imagine it playing in the club as he watches Esme on the dance floor (yeah, I know it was released later than the scene date, but I’m a writer – I can imagine whatever I want, okay!) And yes, Akon would make a great Nelson.

5. Tonight I’m Fucking You – Enrique Inglesias  (NB: NSFW!)

One for that debauched night in Las Vegas.

6. Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Kitty dodges a bullet and finally gets her man.

The cabbie had the radio on and as we sailed across Vauxhall Bridge I let the music fill me. I felt reborn. Released. Like nothing would ever touch me again.    ‘I love this song,’ I said.
   ‘Hoppipolla,’ you replied.
    And I was tired and drunk and thought you said Happy Polar. Had visions of white bears with big grins on their faces. Big white bears bounding across the ice, deep in the frozen north. And this made me laugh, then as the taxi drew up outside your flat, filled me with all the joy in the world.

7. Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto – “Brief Encounter”

I first watched David Lean’s 1945 classic when I was a teenager, and it broke my heart then and every time I’ve watched it since. It’s the film Joe plays for Kitty before they make love for the first time, as an antidote to all the porn they’ve seen and made. This is the final tear jerking scene in the train station. *passes tissues*

Gradually, despite myself, I was sucked into the gravitational pull of the story. A story where nothing, yet everything happened. A story will all the passion and heartbreak you could ever imagine.

8. For Lovers – Wolfman featuring Peter Doherty

Kitty and Joe take flight to France.

9. Endlessly – Muse

Deliciously dark and twisted song by Muse that absolutely fits Kitty’s love for Joe and the choice she makes at the end of the line.

10. I Just Can’t Get Enough – Megan Wyler

As I wrote Exposure, I had a strong image of Kitty sitting in her cell every night, replaying her short time with the love of her life, Joe. This is her song, in what I imagine would be her voice.